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A set of interoperable features makes a platform more user-friendly and attractive, doesn’t it?

DeFi goes through tough times now: some users lose trust in blockchain due to stablecoins’ price drops, some pull the liquidity out, some hold, and some stop using blockchain at all. The current market condition looks like boiling water streaming through a hole in the pan. However, trends change, and after this challenge, some people may want to get back into DeFi, so those who have prepared for that can win big. This is the reason to develop your products now and not give up.

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DeFi means Decentralized Finance. This term is the first thing people learn when getting to the topic, but we have a lot more to share. Here are some articles dedicated to this segment that may be useful for you.

Bitgear development

Bitgear is a platform that allows users to “gear up for the best prices across exchanges”. It can be determined as a DEX with an integrated swap aggregator: it searches through dozens of decentralized exchanges to find the best swap rate for a chosen token. Our team has developed several new features that increase the platform functionality and put Bitgear on a new level of performance.


The project is built on the Ethereum network and tends to support Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Moonriver soon. Now, let’s look deeper. Mainly, the update integrates 3 big features: a staking tool, an LP token staking tool, and a compounder. Each one considers using native GEAR tokens, and, what’s more interesting, it requires zero commission and no asset locking.


Similar functionality to what’s available on many platforms. A user puts GEAR into the pool to get a reward in GEAR. Thereby, the platform shares the received fees with the staking tool users.

LP staking

This tool allows users to stake the liquidity provider token (GEAR/ETH) and get external rewards in comparison with native token staking. 


The most unusual feature among all mentioned ones. This tool enhances regular staking by automation, and here’s how. A user stakes GEAR in the pool, but the claimed reward automatically adds it up with the initial stake. Therefore, the reward rate stays the same, but the stake is raised by the compound interest. A user can unstake anytime and get the amount of the reward accumulated by that moment.

There are a few projects on the market providing such a solution, so Bitgear might be perceived as a unique platform according to this set of abilities.

It’s needed to clarify that this is not a promotion of the Bitgear project. We illustrate our case of a DeFi development. Please, conduct your research before investing in any project.


  • Solidity

  • Web3

  • React

  • Redux

  • Typescript

  • GraphQL


Any solid competitor never wants to step aside and lose a potential audience, especially in DeFi. User-friendly, properly developed, and safe features do not guarantee a huge interest but are a factor that turns people’s eyes to the project. Think it through from the very beginning and find a developer who can deliver that. Rock’n’Block is here to help you with that.

Rock’n’Block’s team is not limited in development. We can help with:

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⚡️DEX development

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⚡️Security audit

⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

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