Revolutionize DeFi with Perpetual DEX Development Service.

Secure, scalable, and innovative.


Trust issues in centralized exchanges & limitations of traditional DEXes create crypto market hurdles.


Our Perpetual DEX offers the answer – enhanced security, user control, and diverse trading opportunities. Let's revolutionize DeFi!

Key features

Key features

key features key features

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interfaces are crucial for decentralized apps, simplifying complex interactions, attracting wider adoption, and empowering users.

key features key features

Order matching

Order matching is vital for DEX users, enabling efficient trades, optimal prices, and seamless user experience in decentralized markets.

key features key features

Margin trading

Margin trading in crypto offers amplified profits and losses, empowering traders to utilize borrowed funds for larger positions and potential gains.

key features key features

Perpetual swaps

Perpetual swaps in crypto provide continuous trading without expiry, enabling hedging, leverage, and 24/7 access to the markets for traders.

key features key features

Risk management tools

Risk management tools in crypto ensure safer investments by minimizing potential losses, enhancing decision-making, and safeguarding portfolios.

Rock`n`Block development services

The most straightforward approach of Perpetual DEX  is to build a GMX based platform. This process enables us to leverage the existing framework and tailor it to specific requirements, expediting the development of a decentralized exchange platform.

Tailored to Clients' Needs

Compliant and Secure Solutions

Reliable Support

Experienced Developers

GMX  is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) revolutionizing the crypto landscape. Lightning-fast trades, low fees, and enhanced security for seamless trading.

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