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The real estate market attracts more significant investments than any other and is considered the most solid one. It’s trusted by many, but it’s hard to enter it for a small-scale investor and nearly impossible for an ordinary person. Blockchain allows you to change it via tokenization.


It means turning assets or parts of an asset into tokens. Blockchain can contain all the needed data to confirm ownership, and there the data is easily transportable. Furthermore, it’s possible to tokenize any type of asset.

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What does
tokenization change?

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Whereas many interested parties cannot invest in this market, it loses its potential liquidity. The greater number of parts an asset is divided into, the more investors it can attract. Moreover, the created tokens can be traded on any exchange anytime.

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Blockchain decreases the number of intermediaries to zero. An independent system approves the ownership, and any interested authority can observe the transactions.

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The transactions are realized in blockchain, meaning fast and secure. Only you decide where to store the asset, and no one can deprive you of it.

Our development team can create a platform providing such a service. You can choose any blockchain, embed any feature, or even build a whole new ecosystem.

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Compete with Propy, Fraction,, RealT, and others. They’ve already processed more than $5bn in transactions — the tokenized real estate market already exists, and you can become its part.


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