Yield Farming
Development Services

Yield Farming Development Services

What is

Income farming is the practice of placing or locking tokens in
exchange for rewards. While the expectation of return on investment is
nothing new, the general concept of "yield farming" emerged from the
decentralized financial sector.

What is Yield Farming
What is Yield Farming

The Role of Liquidity
provider in Yield Farming:

Yield Farming is not achievable without the liquidity providers who stake their deposit in
liquidity pools. The pools act as a smart contract where a buyer and seller agreement is
coded and made available in the decentralized blockchain platform. Some of the leading
mining platforms are

  • Compound
  • Yearn
  • Dao Maker
    Dao Maker
  • Uniswap
and more

How does DeFi yield
farming work?

How does DeFi yield farming work?

What are the

The benefits of yield farming are obvious - profit. Farmers who start a new project early can be rewarded with tokens, the value of which can rise quickly.

If they sell these tokens at the right time, a significant profit can be made. These profits can be reinvested in other DeFi projects to generate even more income.

What are the benefits?

How to calculate returns in DeFi yield farming?

When it comes to calculating returns for liquidity providers, the following metrics play a crucial role.

  • Total Value Locked (TVL)

    Total Value
    Locked (TVL)

    TVL is a parametric value that measures coins locked in DeFi lending and other marketplaces. Tracking the total value of assets locked in smart contracts of various platforms provides a complete overview of their performance.

  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

    Annual Percentage
    Yield (APY)

    It represents the annual rate of return imposed on borrowers and paid to providers subsequently.

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    Annual Percentage
    Rate (APR)

    It represents the annual rate of return imposed on the capital borrowers but paid to the capital providers.

How to build a DeFi yield farming dApp?

How to build a DeFi
yield farmingdApp?

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  • How much capital do I need to get started?

    There are no minimum capital requirements to partake in any of these opportunities. With that being said, meaningful returns are largely earned with capital contributions starting from ~$1000 in value. You should also take into account the transaction (“gas”) costs of the strategy you wish to implement.

  • Are these passive income opportunities safe?

    All of these opportunities are using highly reputable DeFi products. All smart contracts have been audited which largely mitigates risk. However, with any DeFi product, there is always a very small chance of loss – meaning that no user should use more capital than they would be willing to use.

  • Are these all the passive income opportunities in DeFi?

    Absolutely not. We’ve chosen to cover a suite of tutorials which we find easy enough to grasp as a non-technical user with low barriers to entry. This list will be updated over time to include more income opportunities which you should know about.


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