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Help your users unlock the rewards of staking by developing your staking platform. Though Ethereum is the top network, the DeFi staking platform can be built on any blockchain network as requested by the client.

Unlimited ways to earn rewards for users

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Deposits are spread across unique, individual-dedicated smart contracts. This removes all the vulnerabilities that have caused shared pools to be exploited.

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Real-time price monitoring through distributed oracles makes sure a stop-loss is triggered.

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Built-in codebase assessment tools to recognize and avoid rugpulls, and quality assessment parameters.

Staking Development Flow

DeFi staking includes various development criteria that include:

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The Defi staking development platform should be more transparent, where the workflow should be visible in order to ensure privacy and build quality.

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The DeFi staking platform should be able to offer very high liquidity to the users.

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The security of the DeFi staking platform should be indestructible, and it must be prone to the existing attacks with the exclusive defense script like Anti-DDos, Anti-SSL, etc.

Build your staking platform with Rock’n’Block

Rock'n'Block offers a proven staking engine with which you can run automated staking operations and profit. Using experience in developing staking platforms and advances in blockchain, it also aims to provide simple and professional staking services.

Rock n Block staking platform

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