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Launch your token staking with our expert staking development services, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to deployment. Trust in our expertise to handle the technical intricacies, freeing you to focus on actualizing your project's vision.

Token staking development services

“At Rock'n'Block, security is our top priority in token staking development. We meticulously design and implement every aspect to protect participants' assets and uphold the integrity of the staking ecosystem.”
Dan E. CEO | Rock’n’Block

Blockchain projects we've crafted

Concentrated liquidity dex, a decentralized exchange that offers beneficial features for users and liquidity providers. By allowing liquidity providers to concentrate their funds within specific price ranges, it reduces slippage and enhances trading efficiency for users. This innovative approach benefits liquidity providers by maximizing their capital efficiency and potential returns, while also offering users improved pricing and a seamless trading experience.

Technology Stack:
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AMM is a premier cryptocurrency trading platform that redefines the trading experience. With limitless liquidity ensured by AMM design and advanced smart-order routing, it ensures users consistently receive the best rates and experience minimal slippage across all liquidity pairs, providing a gateway to a seamless and efficient trading environment where your assets are optimized for maximum returns.
Technology Stack:
Guest Chain 
NFT Marketplace for travelers that revolutionizes the guest experience in the hospitality industry using blockchain technology. Guests can seamlessly manage their bookings, access personalized services, and provide feedback through the platform. This innovative solution enhances transparency, security, and efficiency, transforming the way guests interact with hotels and creating a more seamless and personalized hospitality experience.
Technology Stack:
Material UI
Walking doggo
Walking Doggo enables users to track their walking activity, accumulate tokens for their steps, and exchange them for various digital rewards. This innovative concept encourages users to stay active, while earning valuable incentives, fostering a healthier lifestyle and providing an engaging experience in the world of walk-to-earn initiatives
Technology Stack:
React Native

What our clients tell about us

Ducatus Logotwitter
When it comes to the development of our blockchain and smart contracts, we trust only those trusted by experts. Rock’N’Block, developers of the Ducatus wallet and the DucatusX blockchain, recognized by industry experts globally.
Apiz Logotwitter
Excitingly, APIZ excels in web3 integration, aided by our trusted partner Rock'n'Block Together, we are leading a smooth shift towards a decentralized, blockchain-driven future. Embracing Web3 unlocks innovative monetization and global market reach. Success entails conquering these challenges and embracing the decentralized paradigm.

Token staking development features


Staking rewards calculation strategies and features

Fixed APY
Dynamic APY
Bigger Pays Better
Longer Pays Better
Multiplier Feature

Entry/Exit policies and penalties

Flexible Entry/Exit
Tiered Access
Withdrawal Penalties
Lock-Up Periods
Withdrawal Limits
Minimum Deposit

Re-Stake Features

Compounding Frequency
Fee Optimization
Customization Options

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Explore blockchain options for token staking development

Avalanche Logo


Our team provides expert token staking development services on Avalanche, offering tailored solutions for projects seeking efficient token staking solutions on.
Tron Logo


Specializing in token staking development on Tron Network, our team offers optimized solutions for seamless integration within Tron's scalable blockchain platform.
Optimism Logo


We provide token staking development on Optimism, enabling projects to scale on Ethereum with reduced transaction costs while ensuring efficient and secure token staking distribution.
Etherum Logo


Specializing in token staking development on Ethereum, we create robust mechanisms tailored to leverage the platform's infrastructure, ensuring optimal functionality for projects.
BNB Chain Logo

BNB Chain

We excel in token staking development on BNB Chain, offering optimized solutions that harness the network's features to empower projects within the decentralized landscape.
Polygon Logo


Our team specializes in token staking development on Polygon, delivering custom solutions for projects seeking streamlined token staking solutions within scalable environment.
Base Network Logo

Base Network

Harnessing Base Network infrastructure for token staking development, we empower projects with innovative solutions and seamless integration capabilities.
Mantle Logo


Our token staking development on Mantle seamlessly integrates with DeFi projects, tapping into Mantle's high-performance infrastructure and vibrant ecosystem for enhanced token staking.
Arbitrum Logo


Offering efficient and secure token staking development on Arbitrum, our team provides projects with fast and cost-effective transaction capabilities of Arbitrum.

Streamlined token staking development process


Initial consultation for staking solutions

Our process kicks off with a personalized consultation to grasp your objectives and vision for token staking platform development. We align our solutions with your goals, presenting detailed proposals on architecture, timelines, and costs. Leverage our expertise as we lay the groundwork for your token staking platform development journey.

Conceptualization and planning

Focused on your requirements, we conceptualize and plan your project, defining its structure, technical details, and essential requirements. We ensure alignment with your objectives, establishing a clear scope and timeline for development, delivering tailored solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

Designing your token staking platform

In our design phase, we prioritize user experience and platform navigation crucial for your token staking platform success. We meticulously craft the platform's structure and design concept, ensuring intuitive design and compatibility across devices. Experience a cohesive visual identity and seamless user experience with our token staking platform development solutions.

Token staking platform development stage

Transitioning from planning to action, we commence full-scale development, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices. Our team covers frontend, backend, DevOps, and smart contract development, ensuring alignment with technical specifications and requirements. We prioritize scalability and efficiency in token staking platform development process .

Quality assessment

Rigorous testing ensures compliance with design and technical specifications. With a functional testnet, we gather feedback for refinement, guaranteeing a robust and reliable token staking platform. Benefit from our iterative process, ensuring the highest standards of performance and user experience for token staking platform development.

Launching your token staking platform

Transition your project to mainnet networks with our comprehensive support. We offer bug fixes post-delivery and ongoing guidance during the launch process. Experience a seamless transition into operation, empowering your platform for success in the crypto space with our token staking platform development services.
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“Our dedication to staking development services for crypto projects is grounded in precision, innovation, and collaboration. We specialize in crafting custom solutions that meet your project's unique needs. With expertise and creativity, we write each line of code meticulously, turning your staking vision into reality.”
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Product manager | Rock’n’Block

Your trusted partner for token staking development services

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Blockchain Projects Delivered

Rock'n'Block stands as a beacon in the blockchain realm, having successfully delivered over 300 web3 projects. We provide cutting-edge token staking development services that address each client's unique needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and cutting-edge solutions that redefine success in decentralized ecosystems.
2 Weeks

Delivery Time

In the dynamic crypto landscape, timing is paramount. We commit to accelerating your token staking development project within just 2+ weeks, prioritizing efficiency while upholding uncompromising quality. Through our streamlined development process, we ensure rapid deployment of critical features, empowering you to swiftly launch your token staking platform.

Years of Experience

With over 15 years of trailblazing in blockchain development, Rock'n'Block brings unparalleled expertise to every project. Our journey has been one of continual adaptation to the evolving blockchain landscape, consistently delivering ingenious solutions that resonate with the digital era's demands. Trust in our seasoned prowess to guide your token staking development project toward resounding success.

Inhouse Developers

Our team of over 150 visionary developers, each a master in blockchain technology. Their unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with their extensive expertise, ensures flawless execution of your token staking development venture. From conceptualization to realization, our in-house talents work tirelessly to ensure your project surpasses expectations, providing unwavering support at every stage.

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