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Popular DEXes with concentrated liquidity pools

Why leverage V3 Concentrated Liquidity for your DEX?

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    Unlock liquidity efficiency and trading optimization today

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    Stay ahead in DeFi! Integrate V3 to match trends & user expectations for your DEX.

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    Empower LPs with an opportunity to secure investments

Top features of Uniswap V3-based DEXs

Concentrated liquidity

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is vital for a DEX (decentralized exchange), as it enhances accessibility and encourages seamless trading experiences

Flexible Fees

Optimal Liquidity Provision with Multiple Fee Tiers based on expected volatility increase with the option to add more via governance.

Range Orders

Enable LPs to supply liquidity within a custom price range, trading assets along a curve while earning fees, mimicking a standard limit order.

April 1, 2023, Uniswap V3's Business Source License (BSL) expired, which allows anyone to fork and create their own versions, empowering developers for innovation and growth.

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Decentralized exchange from scratch

Decentralized exchange from scratch

to fit your company's specific requirement

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Ready-made Uniswap clone script

Uniswap V3-based DEX + Farming

in addition to the simple DEX based on Uniswap V3, we can also add Farming, like on PancakeSwap AMM V3

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300+ Projects

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130+ Team

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