Rock'n'Block: Highlights of 2021 for blockchain industry

We couldn't stay away from this tradition of summing up the totals of the year. Especially because 2021 is without a doubt a special year for us as blockchain developers. We rise, we fall, all that stuff. And, to be honest the piles of our achievements were waiting for this moment. And a smaller pile of the things that we didn’t achieve too. But definitely will become real in 2022!

Rock'n'Block cover image 2021 years resultsEvery year is a different thing, but 2021 was specially mainstreamed by the blockchain industry.

We are pretty sure, that 2021 was the best year for the blockchain industry so far 

How many things we’ve seen! Beginning with NFTs, then BTC was hitting its all-time high of 65,000 USD and in the end, Web 3.0 has been becoming so close to replacing Web 2.0. 

And, of course, plenty of great blockchain projects that we were rolling out to bring an ultimate utility to you, the final user. We’ve never seen all the blockchain networks so busy, and the number of dAPPs being built among multiple blockchains is insane.

And, of course, plenty of great blockchain projects that we were rolling out to bring an ultimate utility to you, the final user. We’ve never seen all the blockchain networks so busy, and the number of dAPPs being built among multiple blockchains is insane

Highlights of 2021

We would like to start our retrospective at the beginning of 2021. As you may remember, it all started with the NFT boom. In February-March 20221 it started with the emergence of NFTs where everybody (except creators) was wondering what is this exactly, and what it can bring to us. We guess everybody knows that SNL sketch that is dedicated to NFTs.

Closer to the end of summer, it ended up in a situation where Visa has bought the NFT from the CryptoPunk collection pushing the whole NFT Community into a massive NFT rush. 

And guess what, the NFT rush is still growing, the request like NFT Marketplaces and NFT collections creation was only growing bigger and bigger. Check our case studies by reading our blog!
Our best reads around NFT topic:

Our contribution didn’t stay in a shade. We’ve managed to develop and create 12 NFT 10K collections for independent artists and corporate with the development of a generative NFT collection fully on-chain, setting pre-sale, creating NFTs whitelists, and listing on the top NFT Marketplace eventually, and about 6 NFT Marketplaces (where one is almost so big, ready to pull the blanket from, and about 5 whole NFT projects,  

Fair enough, in 2021 NFT was the main focus in the crypto world and in a blockchain community 

In December 2021 we decided to conduct our first webinar about the future of NFTs (spoiler: the sky is the limit for its potential). It was an interesting experience, and we enjoyed talking about such a topic in a new format. More webinars are upcoming in 2022!
Enjoy watching here:

In 2021 we can surely say, that we were the busiest blockchain developers on the side of NFT projects creation. Our main focus was the NFTs in 2021, and we will bring it to 2022 too, including expanding to Metaverse projects.

Besides the total rush around NFTs, we’ve managed to deploy more than 1000 smart contracts, build more than 4 crypto wallets, and develop and build around 5 DEXs from scratch.

Our best reads around topics of blockchain and crypto wallets:

DeFi and Yield Farming were facing immense exposure due to the blockchain and crypto have been becoming mainstream.

We’ve managed to build about 5 DeFi platforms and bring to life the powerful YDragon cross-chain DeFi platform with features of farming and staking.

The most know DeFi and Yield Farming platforms that we’ve managed to power: YDragon, Minto, Tokena, Bitgear, Quarashi

Our best reads around topics of DeFi

2021 for us from a personal side

This year was a special year for our team as well. Our team has outgrown two offices, and the threshold of 100 devs, designers, marketers, and project managers. We count more than 120 talented developers from all over the world, with excellent programming language stacks.

We would like to highlight two events for our team and the company as a whole, that influenced our a lot our direction for growing further.

Entering the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in November 2021

Our team has become the official member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance!

It means that now, we stand next to ConsenSys, Accenture, Microsoft, Chainlink, and J.P. Morgan

We have been so excited about the opportunities that this connection can bring to us. 

We are happy to announce, that in 2022 you will be granted to see a lot of collaborations with the most powerful Ethereum Alliance on the planet.

Rock'n'Block CEO Dmitry Ershov, Our team has become the official member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance!

The interview of Dmitriy Ershov, the CEO of Rock’n’Block in  member’s spotlight: EEA Member Spotlight with Dmitriy Ershov, CEO of Rock'n'Block - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Our membership press release: Rock'n'Block joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Participating in the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai in October 2021

We were granted to attend the Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai. It’s truly a big milestone. 

Future Blockchain Summit counts about 10,000 attendees from 132 countries every year, it is the biggest summit that is focused on blockchain and innovations in IT, Fintech, and AI.

Our team was one of the first headliners this time in the blockchain section. We spent about 4 days discussing blockchain technology, DeFi, the NFTs with our partners and people from the industry. For sure, that event was one of the brightest things for our team, because of the opportunity to meet with a lot of our colleagues and partners offline. 

Our aim is to participate in at least 2 offline blockchain events in 2022.

Rock'n'Block at the Future Blockchain Summit in DubaiRead about how it was: Rock'n'Block at Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai. Our thoughts

The totals

2021 was truly the year of blockchain arise. The demand for blockchain projects, blockchain adoption massively growing, and it won’t slow down for sure. We think that since the beginning of 2021 everybody started to be more educated about how blockchain works and what can it bring for a big business, tech industry, supply chain sector, and institutions. 

In 2022 this trend only will grow faster and parabolic. The key trends for 2022 clearly are the Metaverse, NFTs, and DeFi. 

We are glad to stand on the edge of this future change with you. 

Every project that we’ve built together with you this year, was a special case for us. And every project release was a big contribution that added up a big value to the blockchain and crypto industry.

In 2022 we wish for everyone to not slow down, and don’t think that it’s too late. It won’t be too late for blockchain in 2022. 

That's why it empowers our team to build for the future together with you!

🎄 Happy New 2022 Year!

🎄 Happy New 2022 Year!

In 2022 Rock’n’Block’s team will be dedicated to helping you with:

⚡️NFT and NFT Marketplaces development ;
⚡️NFT 10K generator;
⚡️Staking platforms;
⚡️Vesting platforms;
⚡️Farming platforms;
⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you’re interested in building your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via the Telegram channel or book a call via Calendly.



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