Boosting a project with a crowdsale — Adora

How to start your crowdsale to attract investment to the project on a case study.

Before we tell you about the particular case, let's expand a bit the point of crowdsale itself.

What do we mean by crowdsale? At its core, it's a crowdfunding supported by blockchain, a way to raise funds for a blockchain-related startup. Crowdsales are complex solutions for such projects and they usually assume several steps.

Let’s highlight them:

  • Business consultation (turning your ideas into a plan)

  • Token development (realization of your idea)

  • Token launch (placing your token on the market)

  • Wireframe (creating a demo of your platform)

  • Whitepaper (documenting the work of your token)

  • Crowdsale (selling your token to interested buyers)

The crowdsale we’ve conducted for Adora

Adora is created as an ecosystem. According to the authors' idea, the token “ARA” will give users a secure multi-platform all-in-one application. It’s supposed to meet the needs of any customer, giving him all the tools in one wallet. Also this project is based on a new technology. Here’s what the creators say about it: 

“Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Adora Coin is built on a block-lattice structure. Each account has its own blockchain (account chain) that corresponds to the transaction/balance history of the account. Each account chain can be modified solely by its owner; this enables each account chain to be updated promptly and asynchronously to the rest of the block-lattice, resulting in rapid transactions”.


We developed a whitepaper for Adora that shows every user the purpose of the project and the tokenomics. Our frontend developers redisigned the website to make it up to date and increase users’ interest in the project; a user can buy ARA directly on the website, connecting Metamask . Also we made a multi-wallet development brief, which now allows the team to start working on its actual creation. Of course, the most important feature here is the smart contract: we created it secure and convenient, so the owners of Adora can use it with ease and confidence.

Referral system

It’s the most unique part of the project, because Adora is still growing. Its users help the company with attracting token purchasers and the service gives several percents back via the referral system.

We think it is needed to clarify that this is not promotional material for the Adora project. We illustrate our case study of crowdsale development. Please, conduct your own research before investing in any project.



Typescript, React, Mobx-state-tree, WEB3


Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Dramatiq, Scheduler, RabbitMQ, WEB3

Why do you need custom development?

Working with a reliable developer is always a key to a successful product launch. Right team can provide you a right crowdsale platform and higher chances of your product success. If you’re not familiar with crowdsales at all, learn more on our blog. If you’re thinking about your own project launch, order crowdsale development!

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⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you’re interested in building your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via the Telegram channel or book a call via Calendly.



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