Programming languages such as Solidity and C/C++ are very important to blockchain developers because the lion’s share of projects are written with them.

Some blockchain projects are written in Java, although an experienced team can create blockchain transactions in any programming language or use a framework to implement blockchain in any industry.

Rock'n'Block blockchain software developer explains how to hire blockchain developers

You need to know what you are looking for

Do you need a blockchain platform from scratch or create a lightweight solution? If you need a blockchain platform from scratch, obviously you need an experienced blockchain development team, as they are mostly chosen to provide complex solutions. If you need to create a lightweight solution, however, the right thing to do is to use automated platforms, for example, to create a simple token. Also, think about the type of blockchain technology you need. Read here how to choose a blockchain.

It is wiser to outsource the project to a specialized development company that professionally develops blockchain technology. Outsourcing can ease the pressure on your work and allow your company to focus more on providing its core services.

What is a more reliable Freelance Developer or Company?

The key issue here is still the problem of value for money. Let’s understand the pros and cons of creating or implementing blockchain technology from private specialists — freelancers and developing blockchain technology together with a professional team. Blockchain implementation in identity verification is worth a special effort. It is impossible to assemble a team for such a project — only outsourcing.

The negative sides of freelancing, the pros of hiring a company:

- Experience

It is very difficult to know how experienced the person you are going to hire is. It is unrealistic to check, for example, how many orders he has completed, whether he has the necessary experience.

- Accountability

It is difficult to control a freelancer. Since he has a free work schedule. Irresponsible freelancers may fail to complete tasks within the specified time.

- Unreliability

You should understand that the freelancer has nothing in common with you, he can leave your order halfway through the job, he can be poached by your competitors, offering a larger salary, he can refuse your order without telling you about it, and this can slow down the development of your idea.

- No formal contracts

Informal, oral agreements sometimes entail unpleasant situations, for example, when a freelancer demands more money for his work than was agreed upon before the job was done.

Freelancers generally charge less than professional companies for their blockchain technology development services because they are not burdened by the need to maintain an office and pay taxes. But they also offer fewer guarantees of quality blockchain creation, because not every freelancer, unlike a company, will enter into a full-fledged blockchain technology development contract with a customer.

Professional Company — Rock’n’Block

The professional blockchain development company provides more guarantees for the successful development of your idea. Naturally, professional companies specialize in complex solutions, demand more, but the quality of such work is better than that of freelancers.

Our company consists of core developers who have a deep fundamental understanding and mastery of blockchain theory and economic principles. These understandings and expertise, applied to any decentralized technology, are the structural foundation on which most of the key breakthroughs in blockchain technology are based.

Rock’n’Block developers are ready for any technical problems. They really care about unsolved problems. When they encounter obstacles, they are convinced that they can find many solutions to any set of problems. To be better than others, that’s our goal.

As we know how important it is for you and we will take it forward to make your business flourish. With all features and tools, you will get the best assistance for you and towards your app development process. Reach us now for a consultation and make your project ready with all experts besides you.

Rock’n’Block’s team can help you with:

⚡️NFT and NFT Marketplaces development ;
⚡️NFT 10K generator;
⚡️Staking platforms;
⚡️Vesting platforms;
⚡️Farming platforms;
⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you’re interested in building your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via the Telegram channel or book a call via Calendly.



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