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your own deflationary token with a burn rate.

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What are Deflationary Tokens?

A deflationary token model is where a particular percentage of tokens are removed from the market each time a token transfer takes place. The process of removing these tokens from the market is termed, Burns. The burning of these tokens can be carried out by two different mechanisms as follows:

Buy back

Buy back

A mechanism happens when a project removes a particular amount of its tokens from the market by sending them to a dead address, thus eliminates those tokens permanently. After that, the same project uses its very own funds to repurchase an amount of those burnt tokens and hold them in their wallets.

Burn on Transaction

on Transaction

A method where a particular amount of tokens from the sender account is decreased and thus led to a decreased supply of tokens in the blockchain. This Burn transaction can be sent by any user who owns a token.

How deflationary tokens work

Benefits of Deflationary Tokens

benefit coin

It helps in maintaining a stable price of the token value once listed for trading.

benefit chart

It increases liquidity as the demand for the assets on the market is higher.

benefit investor

Due to the minimum supply of tokens, a large scale of investors is attracted towards it.

Below mentioned are some of the popular deflationary tokens of various blockchain networks.

logo safemoon


logo vanilla network

Vanilla Network

logo spore


logo sake token

Sake Token

logo yfdai finance


How to set up your deflationary token

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