Why Building DApps on TON Blockchain?

Why Building DApps on TON Blockchain?Key Takeaways of the TON Blockchain Development

In the dynamic field of blockchain innovation, a remarkable story is unfolding with the launch of TON Blockchain. It all began in 2018. The Telegram Messenger team, led by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, started looking into blockchain solutions for Telegram Messenger. They couldn't find a current Layer 1 blockchain that could handle Telegram's 9-figure user base, so they decided to design their own Layer 1 chain, which they called Telegram Open Network.

In 2019, the Telegram team released a series of documents outlining the design of TON Blockchain. They launched the first TON testnet in the spring, after which the code became open-source, and testnet2 went live in the autumn. Testnet2 has proven to be stable for a considerable period of time. In 2021, the community voted to rename it to Mainnet.

The year 2022 saw TON achieve new heights of innovation, introducing groundbreaking concepts that transformed the landscape of scalable DeFi. With the launch of TON Payments and the advent of TON-ETH and TON-BSC bridges, the network expanded beyond boundaries, creating a tapestry of interconnected possibilities.

2023 was a year of significant progress, with the implementation of numerous new mechanisms and features. These include the token bridge, TON Connect, DAO & liquidity staking contracts, developer libraries, tokenomics deflation mechanism, cecentralized encrypted messaging, lockup and vesting tools, TON Space, wallet pay, and the integration of TON with Telegram to promote the TON-based Web3 ecosystem.

The significant announcement was made at the Token2049 conference in Dubai in April 2024. The CEO of Tether unveiled the collaboration with the TON Foundation, heralding a new era of synergy and innovation. Since its inception on April 19, TON has facilitated the issuance of $60 million worth of Tether, making it the 11th-largest blockchain for Tether out of 16.

As the TON blockchain rapidly evolves, it presents a wealth of promising opportunities for all stakeholders. With its exponential growth trajectory, bolstered by strategic collaborations with industry leaders and a steady stream of upcoming features and mechanics, TON emerges as a thriving ecosystem poised to facilitate innovation and prosperity.

For businesses seeking to harness the potential of blockchain technology, TON offers a fertile ground for development and expansion. With its dynamic landscape and robust infrastructure, TON provides a conducive environment for the creation of cutting-edge applications and solutions.

What is the Programming Language of TON?

Tact is a cutting-edge programming language tailored specifically for TON blockchain. Designed for efficiency and simplicity, Tact prioritizes ease of learning and use, making it accessible to developers of all skill levels.

Key Features of Tact Language

  • Familiar Syntax Inspired by Popular Languages: Tact offers a syntax inspired by widely-used programming languages such as JavaScript, Typescript, Rust, and Swift. Developers will find the syntax familiar and intuitive, easing the learning curve and accelerating development.

  • Powerful Features for Smart Contracts: Tact incorporates powerful features like algebraic data types and compile-time execution, enhancing the capabilities of smart contract development. These features are seamlessly integrated into the language, providing developers with robust tools for building sophisticated blockchain programs.

  • Safety and Reliability in Cross-Contract Messaging: Tact ensures the safety of cross-contract messages through precise gas commitments and compiler checks for execution costs. Variable costs are statically bounded or explicitly checked at runtime, minimizing the risk of mid-way failures due to gas depletion.

Advantages of Building on TON Blockchain

Scalable DeFi Solutions

Building on the TON Blockchain offers unparalleled advantages, notably its scalable DeFi environment. Unlike traditional chains where tokens represent single smart contracts, TON's approach allows each NFT within a collection to function as a separate smart contract, eliminating bottlenecks and central points of failure. With user token balances stored in individual wallets and direct smart contract interaction, TON ensures even distribution of computational load across the network, enabling seamless scalability.


In comparison to Ethereum, the process of minting an NFT on TON is approximately 500 times less expensive, significantly reducing overhead costs for businesses and creators. Moreover, TON's network fees remain consistent regardless of fluctuations in Toncoin's rate, ensuring predictability and stability in transaction costs. This affordability makes TON an attractive option for individuals and enterprises seeking to leverage blockchain technology without incurring prohibitive expenses, thereby democratizing access to NFT development.

Fastest Speed

Developing on the TON blockchain offers a distinct advantage in terms of speed, thanks to its innovative architectural design focused on unlimited scalability. At the heart of TON's architecture lies horizontal sharding, a core feature that enables the blockchain to partition into smaller workchains and shardchains. This not only enables higher transaction speeds but also makes TON more secure and decentralized. A testament to its prowess, in October 2023, during a livestream event hosted by the TON Foundation and audited by Certik, the TON Blockchain achieved a groundbreaking milestone, setting a world record with an astounding 104,715 transactions per second.

Ready-Made Standards for dApps

TON Blockchain offers ready-made standards and examples for smart contract implementation, catering to a wide spectrum of token types and applications. From Fungible and Semi-Fungible to Non-Fungible tokens, TON provides comprehensive frameworks and applied contracts tailored for various use cases, including marketplaces and initial coin offerings (ICOs). These can be used for any DeFi service development that will be ready to onboard a large number of users.

High-Security Level

TON Connect ensures users maintain control over their data, safeguarding against leaks during transfers between apps and wallets. With robust cryptographic authentication systems, data remains secure, and end-to-end encryption further protects it during transmission via bridges. This protocol allows direct authentication of user data with their wallet address, offering flexibility in wallet usage within apps while ensuring explicit consent for sharing personal information. Through TON Connect, user data integrity and privacy are prioritized, enhancing overall security.

Access to Large Telegram Community

TON's integration with the Telegram messaging app allows users to conduct transactions directly within Telegram, streamlining the process and enhancing convenience. Leveraging Telegram's expansive user base, TON users can enjoy effortless file sharing and storage capabilities, further enriching their experience. Telegram boasts over 800 million active users, placing it among the top 10 most downloaded apps globally. With projections to have 1 billion users by the end of 2024, TON's integration with Telegram offers unparalleled access to a vast and rapidly expanding user base, positioning it as a formidable force in the blockchain ecosystem.

Easy User Onboarding with Wallet

Wallet is a TON-based platform with over 2.5 million users. It transformed Telegram Messenger into a Web3 wallet, enabling users to conveniently manage their digital finances.

Wallet provides businesses with a seamless onboarding solution for new users, allowing them to use only Telegram Messenger. This integration streamlines the user acquisition process, enhancing accessibility and convenience for both businesses and their customers.

TON Blockchain Development Services 

Jettons (Fungible Tokens) Development on TON

Jettons are custom fungible tokens on the TON Blockchain, designed to serve specific purposes within decentralized applications. These tokens offer versatility and adaptability, catering to a wide range of use cases across various industries.

NFT Development on TON

NFT development on the TON Blockchain encompasses the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens, including Soulbound NFTs. These tokens represent unique digital assets and can be used for purposes such as establishing ownership of digital items, supporting artists, and implementing innovative account management solutions within the Telegram app.

Web3 Game Development on TON

The TON blockchain provides a lot of opportunities for GameFi developmentTON Play is a toolkit that enables GameFi developers to build on Telegram and TON. For those seeking comprehensive control over their infrastructure and tool stack, TON Ecosystem offers a comprehensive range of tools and libraries to leverage.

Telegram Bot Development on TON

Bots on Telegram offer a myriad of use cases, catering to diverse needs and functionalities. From chatbots for seamless communication to sophisticated trading bots for financial transactions, the possibilities are endless. Whether you aim to automate customer support, streamline information dissemination, or facilitate efficient sales management, Telegram bot development services provide a versatile solution.

Telegram Mini Apps Development on TON

Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs) are web applications embedded within the Telegram messenger, offering a seamless user experience. TMAs provide dynamic interfaces and functionality similar to traditional websites, enabling integrated payments, personalized notifications, and streamlined interactions within the vast Telegram ecosystem. An app can gain access to millions of Telegram users due to the app's one-click launch, direct advertising, and retention mechanics based on the messenger.

Smart Contract Development on TON

Smart contract development on the TON Blockchain offers a robust platform for creating decentralized applications. With its advanced architecture and comprehensive toolkit, developers can automate transactions and implement complex logic securely. Smart contracts ensure scalability and security, enabling the realization of diverse use cases with efficiency and reliability.

Custom dApp Development on TON

Custom dApp development on the TON Blockchain is the gateway to realizing novel ideas and pioneering innovations. Tailored to your unique requirements and objectives, these bespoke decentralized applications empower you to push the boundaries of possibility and carve out your niche in the fast-evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Integration Services

Integration services bridge existing systems with the TON ecosystem, enabling seamless interoperability and unlocking innovation. These services streamline data flow between legacy databases, enterprise applications, and external APIs, ensuring continuity while leveraging blockchain technology. Ultimately, integration services empower businesses to enhance efficiency and competitiveness by harnessing the transformative potential of the TON ecosystem.

Why Choosing Rock’n’Block for DApp Development on TON Blockchain

As leaders in the blockchain industry, Rock’n’Block stands at the forefront of innovation, ready to guide businesses on their journey into the realm of TON blockchain. With over 15 years of custom blockchain development and a team of 150+ expert developers, our company is uniquely positioned to unlock the full potential of TON for businesses. By leveraging our expertise and tailored services, we empower businesses to capitalize on the myriad opportunities presented by TON, enabling them to achieve new levels of growth and success. As TON continues to expand its reach and solidify its position in the blockchain space, there has never been a better time for businesses to make their mark. Join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the limitless possibilities of TON blockchain together, shaping a future defined by innovation and prosperity!

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