Web3 Social Media App Development Spotlight: DAOPEOPLE

June 21, 2024
Web3 Social Media App Development Spotlight: DAOPEOPLE

What is Web3 Social Media?

The Web3 social media has emerged as a groundbreaking concept that promises to revolutionize how we interact online. Unlike traditional social media platforms, Web3 social media development leverages blockchain technology to create decentralized, secure, and user-centric environments.

Understanding Web3 Social Media

Web3, or the third generation of the Internet, represents a shift towards a decentralized web where users have greater control over their data and online activities. In this new wave, Web3 social media platforms operate on blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, security, and immutability of data. Unlike traditional Web2 social media platforms, which are controlled by centralized entities, Web3 social apps are typically governed by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and smart contracts.

Key Concepts of Web3 Social Media

  1. Decentralization: One of the core principles of Web3 social media app development is decentralization. This means that no single entity has control over the platform. Instead, control is distributed across a network of nodes, making it more resilient to censorship and centralized manipulation.
  2. User Ownership of Data: In Web3 social media, users have full ownership of their data. This contrasts sharply with traditional social media platforms, where user data can be exploited for advertising purposes. With Web3, users can decide who has access to their data and can even monetize it if they choose.
  3. Enhanced Privacy and Security: Blockchain technology inherently offers higher levels of security and privacy. User data is encrypted and stored across a decentralized network, making it extremely difficult for hackers to compromise the system.
  4. Incentive Mechanisms: Web3 social media platforms often create cryptocurrencies or native tokens that incentivize user participation. Users can earn tokens by creating content, participating in governance, or contributing to the platform in various ways.

Why Web3 Social Media Development Matters

The advent of Web3 social media signifies a shift towards a more democratic and user-centric internet. Here are some key reasons why it matters:

  1. Empowerment of Users: Web3 social media app development empowers users by giving them control over their data and how it is used. This is a significant departure from the data exploitation practices common in Web2 platforms.
  2. Resistance to Censorship: Because Web3 social media platforms are decentralized, they are inherently more resistant to censorship. Content moderation is often community-driven, ensuring a more balanced approach.
  3. Transparency and Trust: Blockchain’s transparent nature means that all transactions and changes are publicly recorded. This transparency builds trust among users, as they can verify the authenticity of information and activities on the platform.
  4. Innovation and New Business Models: Web3 social media app development fosters innovation by enabling new business models. For instance, creators can directly monetize their content through tokens, and users can participate in the governance and future direction of the platform.

For businesses and developers, Web3 social media app development presents a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. By building Web3 social media apps, developers can create platforms that prioritize user privacy, data security, and decentralized governance. This not only attracts a modern audience but also addresses growing concerns over data privacy and platform accountability.

One such great example is a new Web3 social media app called DAOPEOPLE.

Overview of DAOPEOPLE: Emerging Web3 Social Media Platform

DAOPEOPLE is a social network, designed specifically for the Web3 environment. Launched in 2022, DAOPEOPLE caters to both business and crypto communities, providing a versatile platform that enhances interaction and collaboration within the decentralized web.

As the first social network built from the ground up for Web3, DAOPEOPLE offers a suite of features tailored to meet the unique needs of the emerging blockchain landscape. The platform's decentralized governance model and user-centric data ownership create an unparalleled social media experience. In addition, the launch of the DAOPEOPLE token in Q3 2024 will further empower users, enabling new forms of engagement and participation.

Unique Features of DAOPEOPLE

DAOPEOPLE is getting into the world of Web3 social media app development with a bunch of fresh features that are perfect for both crypto fans and business communities. This platform is about offering a smooth and engaging social media experience. It gives users the tools and functionalities they need to explore, interact, and collaborate within the Web3 ecosystem. Let’s explore the key of them.

Projects and Communities

DAOPEOPLE lets users create and manage pages for different communities and crypto projects. Each project page has all the info you need about the project, including details about the team, partners, and community management tools. This feature puts all the relevant project data in one place, making it easier for users to engage and stay informed.

Events & Interactive Map

The platform has an innovative events and interactive map feature that shows you all the upcoming events, both online and offline. The live map is interactive, so users can see what's going on in real time. This way, they'll never miss out on a crypto event or gathering. This tool is a must-have for staying up to date with all the latest in the crypto world.

D&E (Do-&-Earn)

X-to-Earn is an innovative model in blockchain development that incentivizes users by rewarding them with cryptocurrencies or tokens for various activities. Most popular examples include Play-to-Earn (P2E), Learn-to-Earn (L2E) and Move-to-Earn (M2E).

DAOPEOPLE implements a Do-&-Earn (D&E) feature, allowing users to earn tokens by completing simple tasks and assisting others, while projects can easily create job offers and find ideal candidates. This model enhances user engagement and drives blockchain adoption in Web3 social media app development.

Web3 Marketplace

DAOPEOPLE has made a place to buy and sell Web3-related goods. Instead of having to look at lots of different websites, users can find everything they need on this platform. The marketplace makes transactions simple and lets users connect directly with vendors and buyers in the Web3 community.

Business Matching

DAOPEOPLE's Business Matching feature helps connect individuals in the crypto world. This feature is perfect for events where you want to meet other participants, find new team members, or connect with partners. It uses filters like location, projects, roles, statuses, work experience, gender, interests, and communities to help users find the perfect match.

Coin View System

DAOPEOPLE includes a Coin View System that allows users to track their cryptocurrency portfolios easily. Users receive notifications about price changes, ensuring they stay updated on their investments and market movements.

Secure Messages

Messaging is a core functionality for Web3 social media app development. The platform offers a secure and simple messenger for maintaining connections. Users can chat with friends, send pictures and voice messages, and make decisions about upcoming projects and events, all within a secure environment.


DAOPEOPLE's advanced notifications system ensures that users never miss important updates. Whether you're invited to new projects or receive a new role within a community, the notification system keeps you informed and engaged.

Community Management Tools

DAOPEOPLE integrates strong community management tools designed to eliminate the need to switch between multiple apps. All essential features for engaging with users’ community are combined in one place, simplifying community management.

Community Channels

The platform’s advanced chat system lets users separate specific members into different channels and roles. Users can manage restrictions, change colors, and set new rules, which makes it perfect for building projects and engaging with the community.


DAOPEOPLE offers a fully customizable feed where users receive news and posts based on their interests. The platform’s algorithms are designed to help users build useful interactions and grow their networks effectively.


DAOPEOPLE has an advanced system that helps users connect with people who share their interests. This feature affects the posts users see on your feed, suggests potential connections through the dating feature, and helps others find them more easily.


Each user has a personal page that contains all necessary information. Users can post memes, engage with followers, and select interests to build new connections. Profiles also display user ratings and verification status, ensuring a safe and trustworthy environment.

  • Profile: Collection

This separate screen lets users showcase their entire NFT collections. Users can display their NFTs without having to choose just one, which makes it easier to show off all their crypto assets.

  • Profile: Projects

Users can see which projects other people have been involved in. This transparency helps users evaluate potential collaborators by showing them what they've been up to in the past.

  • Profile: Settings

The advanced settings system allows users to customize their DAOPEOPLE experience. Users can edit their information, connect with referrals, and purchase VIP status for enhanced features.


DAOPEOPLE allows project founders to create detailed project pages. These pages list all important information, including team members (linked to their profiles), recent news, and project descriptions with relevant links. Projects undergo verification to protect users from derivatives and mimicry.

  • Projects: Collection

Same for users’ profiles, a dedicated screen lists the NFT art related to projects. Users can view these collections and be redirected to the marketplace to purchase them.

DAOPEOPLE’s comprehensive suite of features makes it a standout in Web3 social media app development, providing a user-centric platform for the crypto community. By integrating these features, DAOPEOPLE makes it easier for users to interact and engage with each other.

The Importance of Innovative Features in Web3 Social Media App Development

In the ever-changing world of Web3, it's clear that social media apps need to have innovative features to stand out. As users keep looking for decentralized, secure, and user-centric platforms, it's important to incorporate cutting-edge functionalities. Features like DAOPEOPLE's interactive maps, D&E earning mechanisms, advanced community management tools, and personalized feeds are not just enhancements – they are essential for meeting the unique demands of the Web3 environment.

Innovative features drive user engagement by providing more value and better experiences. They empower users with greater control over their data, foster genuine connections through decentralized governance, and create new opportunities for earning and collaboration. Additionally, these features ensure that platforms remain competitive in a crowded market, attracting a diverse user base from both the crypto community and traditional sectors.

For businesses and developers, embracing innovation in Web3 social media app development is a strategic move that aligns with the future of digital interactions. By leveraging the latest technologies and trends, platforms can offer unparalleled security, transparency, and user empowerment.

By learning from pioneering platforms and leaders in the industry, you can inspire and develop your own groundbreaking concepts. At Rock'n'Block, our experienced team of Web3 developers is dedicated to turning these innovative ideas into reality. We understand the importance of staying ahead in this dynamic field and are committed to helping you build groundbreaking Web3 applications that not only meet but exceed the expectations of today's users. Partner with us to bring your vision to life and shape the future of social media!

Disclaimer: This article is intended as an overview and is not promotional material. Please remember to conduct your own research before investing in any crypto-related projects. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice.

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