A turnkey project launch — ZEROGAS

Litepaper and token creation, website and crowdsale development showcase.

Explore the art of Litepaper, token creation, website development, and crowdsale in our comprehensive showcase. Your guide to launching a successful crypto project.

Some clients need to get one exact feature to be developed, but some come for turnkey blockchain development. Previously, we prepared a crowdsale for the Adora project. Here’s another case of this type done by our team, so we’re glad to share the results with you.


This project aims to create a new DEX as a solution with a disabled gas cost factor. The official description says:

ZEROGAS is designed to resolve the cost issues in networks like Ethereum. We offer decentralized zero gas cost and low-latency transactions enabled with storage capabilities and advanced analytics.

Next, we’re going to show what we’ve done.

The website

We’ve prepared a fresh and informative landing page, presenting the project and allowing the creator to conduct a crowdsale. A user can switch between the sections, connect a wallet, and monitor the statistics of the crowdsale.

Web site development service crypto

The litepaper

Surely each project needs to have some documentation at the very beginning. A tech spec clarifies the tasks for the developers and a litepaper explains the point of the whole project to its users. We’ve helped the creators to structure the concept and wrapped it into the new identity.

light paper design

The token

The token itself was created on the Ethereum network in ERC-20 standard. Its smart contract is similar to others, so there’s no need to go deeper into the details.

The crowdsale

This part of the project is the most complex. As we mentioned above, the website can connect the user’s wallet (MetaMask and WalletConnect) and lead to the crowdsale page. Here it is.

ICO Development Service

A user can observe the up-to-date token sale statistics and get the project's native 0GAS tokens. The crowdsale smart contract supports trading for USDC, USDT, and ETH, and the interface uploads the current prices and counts the cost depending on the chosen quantity of tokens. This crowdsale assumes that the user buys at least 2500 units: you can have your reasons to implement this feature, but you should know that this option exists.

What’s more, the obtained tokens do not go to the user’s wallet right after the purchase. They stay locked in the smart contract for some time, and that allows the token to avoid price dumps. The buyer comes back to the page after the locking period and claims the tokens manually.

It’s needed to clarify that this is not a promotion of the ZEROGAS project. We illustrate our case of crowdsale development. Please, conduct your research before investing in any project.


This is one of the many crowdsales our team prepared, and the stack for them is quite standard:

  • React.js for the frontend

  • Python for the backend

  • Solidity for the smart contracts

  • WEB3 for the backend and blockchain interaction


Crowdsale is a well-known tool for conducting initial token sales, and it can be a secure and reliable solution if developed by an experienced team. Implement any features and launch your token with no headache. Go for crowdsale development with Rock’n’Block — we’re always glad to help!

Rock’n’Block’s team is not limited in development. We can help with:

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⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you’re interested in building your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via the Telegram channel or book a call via Calendly.



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