Crafting a 10k NFT Collection

Now it’s time to tell you about the collection that has reached volume traded over 100 ETH releasing 1200 items of the total.

Crafting a 10k NFT Collection – Development Insights

NFTs have been shaking the blockchain space for a long time and are already familiar to many people — both artists, entrepreneurs, and ordinary Internet users. Of course, such NFT collections as CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, Bored Ape Yacht Club attract special attention. We help artists to develop such collections and so want to tell you about one example that made almost a thousand people open their wallets.

What is a 10k NFT collection?

Imagine that you have created a character and designed some traits and items for it. Next, you can automatically create 10 thousand different pictures of your character and each picture will get a random set of these traits and items. The last thing you need to do is to mint the tokens, in other words, turn these pictures into NFTs via a smart contract. Here’s your collection!

Why do you need a developer?

There’re some services that generate collections at a relatively low price. So what’s the point in turning to a developer team? The reason is simple: any service gives you only a bunch of pictures that are not tied to the blockchain in any way. You’ll still need a smart contract to make them tokens. Furthermore, you’ll not be able to set special rules of generation — and that gives you a collection that doesn’t out among the others.

Why MetaBunny is so extraordinary?

This collection of bunnies is created by Here’s what their official website says about it:

«Their existence is to scare people but unfortunately not all of them look scary. Sadly some are even cute! Every Bunny has a scary meter which represents how scary are they. This will be based on their accessory, appearance, and the location they choose to scare people».

This description leads us to one of the most distinctive features —  Scary Meter

Scary Meter is an alternative to the common rarity index. Each Bunny has its own set of design elements: these elements can be very scary or very cute. The scarier the element — the rarer the particular NFT is. Our developers gave the creators of MetaBunny the possibility to configure the probability of each item’s appearance and combine it with their own style.

Backend and storage

The backend is responsible for generating random items and their metadata. It’s sent to the IPFS to remain protected and create a backup. The backend also receives data that needs to be signed with a private key and sent to the frontend, which then works with the blockchain and the contract. The result is an encrypted hash string that can only be read or decrypted with this key. It is very difficult to tamper with or hack.

Custom smart contract

Of course, to provide the work of an NFT collection you need a smart contract. A custom one allows deploying all the options you planned and also allows you to be sure that your data is safe. Here you can set all the terms of how users will buy the tokens, mint them, etc.

To make up a solid 10k collection you need a team of experienced developers, 3 weeks, and this stack:

  • Java script 

  • React

  • Python

  • Solidity

Live your projects up only to those people, who have enough experience to understand how to bring your idea to life. In particular, we hope to be such a team for everyone.

Learn more about NFT collection promotion on our blog. Learn more about NFT collections themselves on our website too.

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