How to promote your NFT collection effectively

February 13, 2022
How to promote your NFT collection effectively

After we create you a 10K NFT collection and place it on one of the marketplaces. What's next? How do you effectively promote and sell items quickly? Catch some tips from Rock’n’Block Marketing Department.

Create your own community

Communities and social media channels are effective for boosting the product, attracting the target audience and communicating with potential leads, building expertise, and a personal brand.

In the thematic Telegram channel you can talk about the pros and cons of NFT, break down notorious or, on the contrary, not very famous, but successful cases of creation and sale of NFT, emphasize the benefits, etc. So you will attract an interested audience, create a platform for discussion, pump up your expertise, and get relevant information.

The best platforms for building a community on the subject of NFT:

- BitCoinTalk

- Facebook

- Telegram

- Discord

Cooperate with Influencers

Don't neglect info-marketing. Try to get in touch with Influencers in that niche, write to the admins of major communities, or simply tag industry leaders on Twitter.

Drawing the attention of thousands (preferably) of Influencer' audience will explode traffic and find a potential buyer for your token faster.

Spread the word about NFT in email newsletters

If you have at least a small base of subscribers, start email newsletters on the topic. Tell them about upcoming projects, share cases of selling tokens, post training videos, etc. The main thing is to keep your subscribers' interest in the topic unobtrusive, but regular, and don't forget about powerful CTA calls to action.

Create accounts on several NFT-marketplaces

The more often your product appears on NFT-marketplaces, the better your chances of finding the right buyer. Do not neglect any marketplace and put your NFT both on specialized platforms for non-interchangeable tokens and on universal marketplaces.

The most popular marketplaces where you can list your NFT:

- SuperRare - digital works of art;

- MythMarket - collectible cards;

- AtomicMarket - collectible NFT crypto items;

- Rarible - collectible crypto items;

- NBA TopShot - digital cards with NBA stars;

- MakersPlace - computer graphics;

- Foundation - digital art items;

- OpenSea - music, art, domains, sports cards, collectible gifs, and photos;

- Enjin - various tokens;

- KnownOrigin - rare and unusual gifs and photos.

Have an AMA session on NFT

Regular Q&A sessions (Ask Me Anything) are an effective way to connect with your audience and engage potential customers. Answer popular questions from your subscribers in pre-recorded or live Q&A sessions on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You don't have to talk exclusively about NFT-the importance of personal branding in promoting a product.

Launch PPC campaigns

Social media and search engines are key sources of targeting, and advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube can bring in thousands of warm ones.

The key is, first, to take care of accurate targeting and to spin ads to those who are potentially interested in buying NFT at the moment. And second, create powerful and engaging creatives to hook the user to maximize clicks. Focus on content marketing

Publishing relevant content on your resources (social networks, blog, newsletters to subscribers) is an unobtrusive way to introduce potential buyers to your NFT.

Create quality content that resonates with your target audience and tells a story about your product, the NFT topic in general, a particular focus in that area, etc.

Work on SEO

Targeted advertising is good, so is quality content. But make sure that interested users can easily google your NFT and find that blog post on their own.

Optimize your articles, text on your landing pages, news, posts, and other text content, and strive to be at the top of the search engines.

Pump up your PR

Cooperate with the media and spread the word about your token to major media outlets. If you don't have a specific agreement with a publication, write a press release, talk about your NFT, and send it out to journalists. Don't expect people to come to you for interviews - knock on all the doors yourself and try to actively promote your product on all platforms.


NFT is not only a unique token but also a unique tool to increase profits, instantly promote your brand and increase audience loyalty. With the right marketing strategy, you can quickly promote your digital product and collect a sea of benefits that companies reap during the NFT boom.

If you still do not have your own NFT collection, it's time to create it. Our managers will consult you on all parameters what option will be better for you if you need your own  NFT marketplace, which we also successfully develop for our clients.

We take the building of an NFT Marketplace to the right path

Rock’n’Block’s team can help you with:

⚡️NFT and NFT Marketplaces development ;
⚡️NFT 10K generator;
⚡️Staking platforms;
⚡️Vesting platforms;
⚡️Farming platforms;
⚡️Crosschain bridge;
⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you’re interested in building your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via the Telegram channel or book a call via Calendly.



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