AirDrop tokens with ease in the Quarashi ecosystem

AirDrop functionality for the platform developed by our team.

Unlock the potential of Quarashi AirDrop service. Explore how this feature enhances your user experience in our informative article.

Recently, we wrote about our joint work with Quarashi: we’ve created a vesting smart contract and staking solution for them. Check that article if you want to know more about vesting smart contracts and take a look at an example. Another article may be useful if you want to see how an ecosystem can be extended with staking.

Now it’s time to tell you about a quite rare feature that our team also created for Quarashi — an independent AirDrop solution.

What’s it meant for?

AirDrop is an automated token sending to a group of blockchain addresses. Usually, projects and platforms resort to it as a marketing tool to attract potential users and investors. The feature we’ve developed gives users the ability to create their AirDrops.

How does it work?

When you visit the website page, you see the form to fill out and some additional settings.

First, you select a blockchain that supports your tokens. The available ones are Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom. Moreover, you can switch to a test network of any of them.

Second, you enter the needed token address. This solution supports deflationary tokens and automatically detects if your token is one.

Third, you upload the distribution list in .csv format. If you click “sample file” the platform offers you to download a ready spreadsheet with some random blockchain addresses and quantity values — enter the needed ones, and you’re ready to go.

token Multisender service interface

After you click “proceed”, the tool tells you if there are any mistakes in your spreadsheet and shows you the list of them. What you can do is go back to the file and fix the mistakes or just click the cross buttons to exclude these addresses.

The last page you see is the AirDrop progress. The tool shows you all the information you entered before and some useful indicators: transaction fee, the platform fee, and the scale with the quantity of sent tokens. Moreover, there is a slider that allows you to set a gas fee to influence the speed of token distribution. 

Interaction with deflationary tokens

Despite these tokens being detected automatically, always check that the corresponding switch is turned on: otherwise, the transaction will not be executed.

Usually, deflationary tokens assume a commission. For example, a person sends 100 tokens, and the recipient gets only 96 because 4 were distributed among the holders. To level it out, the creator of the token goes to its smart contract and adds the AirDrop address into the “excludeFromFee” parameter. Thus the AirDrop runs without writing the commission off because it’s paid by the creator.

The stack

  • ReactJS

  • Redux Toolkit 

  • Web3JS

  • Webpack

  • Material UI


The more we develop a technology, the more advanced features we get. Here’s the easiest way to AirDrop tokens, and every blockchain user can easily interact with it. If you want to have such functionality on our platform, we’re ready to help and develop it!

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