Tokenizing agro-industry — Seed-Box staking

Thinking outside the box while creating products gives us unique solutions and opportunities. Here’s one of them!

Tokenizing agro-industry — Seed-Box staking

This project was created for our business partner Microtuber striving to improve the world around us. Many projects aim only at getting a profit, but a handful supports different life spheres. We’re proud to create such solutions and love watching their growth. You can read about another joint project with Microtuber: the NFT collections and NFT generator we’ve created. The article is on our blog.

Project description

Seed-Box is a way to participate in agricultural-related staking and rewards programs with Microtuber. As their official website says, MCT is a cryptocurrency designed for placing stakes and purchasing rewards on the platform. Actually, Seed-Box is a groundbreaking product that provides an opportunity to invest in natural farming and get a profit. Microtuber Research Institute researches and develops various agriculture products and adds them to the road map, so everyone can observe the project’s elaboration.

Project’s features

Seed-Box supports 2 blockchains: Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network. Hence, users are able to choose between them and can be confident in the speed and reliability of transactions. 

User and Admin

Users can open the whole list of staking pools and choose the most preferable one. All of the pools are named after different crops, so you can stake on «tomato» and invest in a partner farm. Also, users can turn on the special filter and see only those pools they staked on. One of the most fascinating features of Seed-Box is that it always shows the fixed APR, and that makes the work of the platform as transparent as possible.

Admin’s cabinet allows to launch a pool, set starting and ending dates, the maximum goal of staking, maximum stake amount per wallet, and early unstake penalty. Moreover, there’s an option to set the smaller and bigger ARP for short-term and long-term pools.


Thу only operation you need to do to start staking on Seed-Box is to connect your MetaMask wallet.

The stack:

  • Solidity

  • React

  • WEB3

  • Typescript


  • Material UI

  • REDUX (toolkit)

  • Python

  • Docker

  • Django

  • Django Rest Framework

  • Dramatiq 


Your product can be a profit generator both for the creators and users, but it can also bring extra value. Anyway, we thank Microtuber for the business partnership and offer you to create a product with us.

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