Rock’n’Block at AIBC ASIA 2022

This year we attended one of the biggest blockchain-related events and we’d like to share our experience.

Rock’n’Block at AIBC ASIA 2022

The event’s agenda

AIBC ASIA 2022 was held in Dubai and attracted approximately 10,000 people. The visitors are developers, investors and many other blockchain enthusiasts. The content of the event included speeches, highlighting outstanding projects, startup appearances, and networking events.

Our experience

We love such conferences, because it’s the most native way to be a part of the community and expand your business. This year AIBC became a big meeting point: our team had a chance to meet both the competitors and the prospective clients and get new information about the market. To summarize, it was just very useful.

Our colleagues who represented Rock’n’Block at AIBC ASIA are:

  • Dmitry Ershov — the Chief Executive Officer

  • Alexander Tkachev — the Chief Business Development Officer

  • Roman Mihailov — the Business developer and Project Manager

All of them admitted that the conference is one of the brightest spots in 2022 for the whole blockchain industry.

Sharing taken notes

What did we find interesting for ourselves and surely for other blockchain entrepreneurs? Let’s set the record straight.

The most frequent development requests this year:

  1. Centralised exchanges;
  2. Centralised or decentralised wallets;
  3. NFT collections.

It’s pretty interesting that many people are aimed at centralisation in the decentralised space. Maybe, they want to rule the sway or they just have a different view of how everything should work. Looks like only time will show the truth.

What are we going to do in the nearest future?

We have received several development orders. In this list there are:

  • CEXes;

  • DEXes;

  • NFT marketplaces;

  • 10k NFT collections;

  • Crosschain bridges;

  • Analytics.

Also 50 our developers are going to work outsource for other projects. 

As we can observe now, blockchain development is thickening and escalating. More and more people want to create their own products and that means that the market is growing.

Our main highlight

As you may know, every blockchain needs its own infrastructure. We met the team willing to create a launchpad for the Cronos blockchain. They have won the official grant and now we’re collaborating to bring this launchpad into life.

To sum up

AIBC ASIA 2022 was a great place to network and build a part of our future. Thanks to everyone who tended to communicate and work together — we highly appreciate it. See you next year!

Rock’n’Block’s team is not limited in development. We can help with:

⚡️NFT and NFT Marketplaces development

⚡️NFT 10K generator

⚡️Staking platforms

⚡️Vesting platforms

⚡️Farming platforms

⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you’re interested in building your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via the Telegram channel or book a call via Calendly.



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