EIP 4337 Decoded. Journey into the Future of Transactions with Account Abstraction

What is ERC-4337 ?

ERC-4337 is the latest ERC standard deployed on the Ethereum mainnet to provide account abstraction. It was originally proposed as EIP-4337 in 2021 and later became ERC-4337 in 2023. The standard aims to unify the features of external-owned accounts (EOA) and smart contract accounts in the Ethereum protocol, allowing for a single account to perform token operations and contract creation. This enhances the design of wallets by adding features like account recovery, configuration, and updates.

Any Auth Log

Gasless transactions

Linked transactions

Recoverable wallets

How Account Abstraction (EIP-4337) Works

Stage 1
UserOperation Creation and Submission

To implement the stated requirements, the first stage involves the creation and submission of UserOperations, which are pseudo-transaction objects containing various fields to regulate their execution.

UserOperation Creation

The user is required to fill in all the necessary fields of the UserOperation object. These fields may include sender, to, calldata, and other relevant transaction details.

UserOperation Submission:

Once the UserOperation is created, it needs to be sent to a dedicated mempool specifically designed for processing pseudo-transactions. This mempool is monitored by bundlers, who oversee the validation and inclusion of UserOperations into the transaction

Stage 2
Bundling and Validation

In the second stage, the bundlers validate the UserOperation objects and bundle them into a transaction for further processing.

Bundling UserOperations

The bundlers, responsible for managing the dedicated mempool, receive the UserOperations submitted by the users. They perform validation checks on the UserOperation objects to ensure their correctness and adherence to predefined criteria.

Inclusion in Transaction

Upon successful validation, the bundlers add the validated UserOperations to the resulting transaction. The transaction now contains multiple pseudo-transactions, ready for subsequent validation and execution.

Transaction Execution

The responsibility for revalidating and executing the pseudo-transactions lies with the main smart contract of the system, known as EntryPoint. The EntryPoint contract ensures the proper execution of the bundled pseudo-transactions, applying the necessary logic and operations specified in the UserOperation objects.

Benefits of ERC-4337

Simplified Wallet Access & Enhanced Security

With ERC-4337, accessing your wallet and signing transactions is made effortless. You can now use various authentication methods, including biometrics and hardware wallets, eliminating the need for custodial services. This not only enhances security but also provides a seamless user experience, making it easier for newcomers to join the world of cryptocurrency.

Hassle-free Account Recovery and Group-access Wallets

ERC-4337 offers account recovery options and group-access wallets, ensuring you never lose access to your funds. You can designate a recovery key or contact, and in case of a lost password or compromised key, you still have options to regain access. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses, organizations, and individuals who value both convenience and security.

Sponsored Gas Fees and Enhanced Usability

ERC-4337 introduces the ability for bundlers to sponsor transactions with discounted fees. This advancement significantly improves scalability and usability, benefiting high-throughput dApps like decentralized exchanges and gaming platforms. Moreover, ERC-4337 supports full account abstraction, simplifying the interaction with dApps and enhancing privacy, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

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