This project solves the problem of property insurance using
solutions available through Ethereum blockchain.

The essence of the project is to cooperate with real people and
accumulate their funds to solve possible financial problems by

Tasks / problems

The project team appealed to us to help them in the early stages of the project development and attracting investment to develop.

The most frequent problems that faced the team during the token sale:

1. The need for a qualified solidity developer to create a token contract
2. Implementing a sale token using a software
3. The problem of trust in third-party developers
4. Development of a convenient and understandable personal account for investors.
5. Attracting new investors and motivating existing investors.

Solution and results

Since we had considerable experience preparing the token sale process for MyWish, we have done the following:

1. We have assigned our best Solidity developers to develop a token and Crowdsale contracts, as well as writing automated tests for it on js.
2. A contract developed by Crowdsale automates the sale and distribution of tokens.
3. To confirm that Rock'n'Block team faithfully fulfills its obligations and does not have hidden backdoors, all development was carried out in a separate repository provided by the customer.
It reflected the daily work of each involved developer from the team and, if necessary, the customer had the opportunity at any time to carry out code review.
4. For the distribution of tokens within the bounty campaign, a blockchain Ethereum node was deployed and a mechanism for distributing tokens to the customer’s personal server was developed.
5. In order for investors to have a convenient tool to buy tokens as well as replenishing their number without financial investments using a referral program, Rock'n'Block team developed an investor’s personal account using Angular 5, js, web3.

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