Orocrypt is a project that issues tokenized assets. The company's
first product offers gold investors a safe method to digitize
bullion gold, convertible on demand and an online web platfor
to trade them. It is compatible with all Ethereum wallets allowing
direct P2P transfers. Tokens are secured on the Ethereum
blockchain. Orocrypt has launched the OCG gold-backed token,
each representing 30 g of LBMA compliant bullion gold.

Tasks / problems

After the cryptocurrency integration, the financial market has been improved with a variety of tools for managing funds for transferring, preserving, investing and increasing capital. The practice has shown that, in addition to high returns, cryptocurrencies often imply high risks and a lack of security. And the Orocrypt project is dedicated to solving this problem.

Solution and results

1. Development of technical specifications for the development of the platform with a user story description.
2. Development of the investor's personal account.
3. Development of the admin panel.
4. Providing methods of protection against hacking.
5. Integration of the token with a personal account.
6. Development of UI and UX.

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