NEO is one of the famous blockchains. A large number of people
who are engaged in development in the blockchain sphere have
the need to check and test the functionality of both the entire
system and its individual parts. Many blockchains have several
networks: the main one, in which the whole process takes place
, and testing, in which users can perform the necessary tests
without spending money. This allows developers to debug tools
and detect bugs.

Tasks / problems

NEO, like other blockchains, also has a test network, but it has several drawbacks.

1. There is a temporary network instability;
2. The developer needs test resources. The system was not automated: the user had to send a request to the NEO Dev team, the process could take some time, and also had the risk of finding errors.

Solution and results

1. To automate the acquisition of resources, a specialized service Faucet was created, through which the user can receive test resources instantly, just by entering the address of his account on the network and passing the minimum validation.
2. The service works as a standard client node in the blockchain, but at the same time, it includes additional functionality for accessing resources on request via a web page.
3. In order for such a service to function for a long time, there must be a large number of resources on the account of such a node that users can receive. In order to ensure this, it was agreed not to integrate the faucet node into the current test network, which already exists, but to launch a new one from scratch, which solves both the problems posed.
4. The most difficult development stage was planning the infrastructure of the new network. The main nodes of the network have certain limits, which limits the possibilities. It was also necessary to provide security and protection against hacker attacks in order for the network to work stably.
The new test network and service were successfully launched and work without any errors. With the main development, they received additional tools, such as network status monitor, blockchain explorer. The site also has detailed instructions for users on how to use the service.

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