MyWish is a web application where anyone can create a smart
contract without coding skills and then manage it easily.

MyWish gives its users the ability to create their own smart
contracts on 5 different blockchains: ETH, NEO, BTC, EOS,

Tasks / problems

While creating the platform, the team had to develop a platform that had no analogues on the market.

In the process of development, it was necessary to solve problems related to security, immediate access to the user's account, and multi-level automated testing of the created contracts. It was necessary to implement the rapid deployment of contracts on blockchains such as ETH, EOS, TRON, NEO, RSK with tracking the entire process from payment to the actual use of contracts in both test net and main net.

Due to the fact that each blockchain is very different from its competitors, the frontend and backend developers and designers together with the project managers had the task to ensure the easiest possible interface for users both during the creation of the contract and during its management. Also the most important was to unify the process of creating contracts and interacting with them through the platform.

Solution and results

1. Frontend:
- registration form;
- display user account;
- display the list of contracts;
- interaction with smart contracts;
- form for creating contacts;
- payment acceptance form;
- integration with more than 6 of the most popular crypto wallets (Myetherwallet, Metamask, Scatter, Tronlink, etc)

2. Backend:
- creating a user base with information about the contracts they created;
- the rise of each blockchain nodes operating on the platform;
- generation of unique addresses;
- compiling contracts from source code;
- writing from 10 to 50 automated tests for each available contract on the platform;
- integration of payment methods in different coins and direct utility token (BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, ERC20 tokens, etc);
- API for interacting with frontend;
- creation of blockchain scanners for continuous tracking of processes on the platform.

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