Blockchain has been growing as the central repository of truth
for many industries and use-cases. The insurance companies are
taking advantage of blockchain as it brings transparent
information about the transactions, which creates a sense of trust.

How can blockchain
benefit the insurance

Blockchain promises to reshape the processes that govern insurance, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. Similar to the Internet where exchange of data happens, a Blockchain will enable exchange of values to carry out any transaction. Data stored on a Blockchain cannot be manipulated. The model poses to be absolutely resistant to theft and tamper.

How Rock'n'Block
can help

Rock'n'Block has solutions in blockchain innovations and its practical, real-world application for insurers.
We draw on all of these diverse capabilities to help insurers operate more efficiently.

We provide our insurance clients with a complete view of the blockchain-based technology landscape and its potential business benefits. We have developed blockchain solutions for a number of financial services organizations, focusing on the development of distributed-ledger technologies, thought leadership and patents, the co-innovation of proofs of concept, and the creation of partner ecosystems within and beyond the insurance industry.

What does Rock'n'Block
have to offer?

Strategy assessment
Blockchain applicability, business impact and deployment strategy assessment.
Blockchain solution design
Holistic solution design that encompasses people, process, operating model and technology.
Solution build & implementaion
Complex implementation management, third party vendor integration and custom coding.
Blockchain assets & solutions
Proprietary software add-ons, such as redaction and key management, including hardened security modules.

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